Family NPBCAWhen it starts to get closer to the end of the year, people become worried about seeing people that they may not have seen since the year before. In some instances, it may be a few years since you last spoke with some of your family members. These are the times that you certainly want your smile to look as best as possible.

Unfortunately, this is often a very busy time for many people, so finding the time in the schedule to commit to too much can be overwhelming. It’s important to keep an open dialog with your trained oral health provider about your goals so that you can achieve the best smile possible. But there are ways we can effortlessly restore your smile between now and the holidays. Today, your Cerritos, CA dentist writes about some of our fantastic cosmetic surgery options so that you can put your best face forward!

Restore Damage

A common concern for patients of any age is an incidental chip or crack. These problems can arise quite frequently, as we expose ourselves to damaging and hard materials while chewing every day. Even beyond the things that you eat, there is always the risk of damage from other physical trauma. One errant trip over a curb can leave your smile in shambles!

Composite bonding is a technique that allows us to restore chips or cracks within the smile. The resin will match your specific shade. So if you are thinking about a whitening procedure, make sure to discuss the subject with your trained oral health professional. The approach might be slightly different if you are also looking to refresh your brightness.

A Fresh Start

Discoloration is one of the chief cosmetic concerns within dental offices. Many of the routine items we consume on a daily basis can leave lasting stains that are difficult to remove. Some of the prime examples of this are through red wine and coffee. Tobacco use can also leave serious stains that can be stubborn in their removal. If you are struggling with quitting use of tobacco, it can be the best decision you make for your oral health. It is important to stick with it!

Even foods that we often view as healthy can be damaging to the color of the teeth. Fruits and vegetables are often full of color to attract animals. These colors are so strong that we gain much of our natural dye through them. But this can be disastrous for your smile.

Look Your Best For The Holidays!

Get the best smile of your life before seeing your family this winter. To schedule an appointment, please give Dr. Hofkes at Balboa Dental Surgery a call at (949)630-0143. Or stop by our office here in Newport Beach, CA!