Pain NPBCAPain within the mouth can come from a huge variety of sources. For this reason, tracking the location and symptoms that you are experiencing can be vastly beneficial in addressing this concern. While it may be difficult to remember at the time, try to write down what you felt and when. If there was a specific cause like cold or heat, that can be very helpful in pinning down the cause of your ache.

Certain conditions may lead to a general duller pain throughout the mouth, and others may show as a sharp sting that comes alongside certain conditions. We address many forms of dental discomfort at our Newport Beach, CA office, relating to all areas of your smile. Follow along for some tips on what to look for, and how you can do your best to feel better until you can get in our chair!

Write Down Your Feelings

One of the most helpful tools you have at your disposal in fighting a painful smile is knowledge. The more information you are able to gather about the specific times that are giving you trouble, the more equipped your oral health provider is in combating your issue. If you are struggling with dental discomfort, try to keep a log of the instances that are affecting your life.

You may be surprised at how consistent these occasions truly are. By keeping documentation of these times, it is often highly illuminating to take stock later, when you are feeling alright. A clearer mind can help you to pinpoint from where your issue is coming.

Rely On Dental Professionals

There is no substitute for the eyes of an experienced oral health provider. No matter how well you take care of your routine dental health regimen, a consultation and examination can give you the best possibility of a speedy solution to your pain. Alongside your visit, you receive access to all the knowledge that comes with seeing years of patients. This information can be invaluable at discovering the root of your issue.

Waiting to treat your oral concern can possibly lead to a development of what is actually causing the damage, as well. Often, patients will treat their pain with an over-the-counter solution. While these are widely available, they might mask the underlying problem, requiring a more invasive solution later.

Instead of reaching for a numbing agent, try a saltwater rinse first. This may reduce inflammation due to osmosis. Also, it can help to remove any debris that might be irritating the location!

Your Orange County Oral Solution

If you are experiencing any sort of pain in your smile, it could be a sign of a serious infection or other concern. Call Dr. Hofkes at Balboa Dental Surgery at (949)630-0143 to schedule a consultation so we can address your oral health. You deserve a safe and strong mouth!