Older couple NPBCAQuality prosthodontic care includes making sure that you are aware of all of your options in the replacement of your natural tooth. Extractions are sometimes necessary for the ongoing lasting health of your smile. You have the power to determine your specific form of smile renewal, as there are multiple different ways that you can approach your situation. A dental bridge can help you renew your bite function through the placement of a prosthetic over the existing gap. This new solution is tethered to the rest of your mouth through dental crowns on the teeth surrounding your gap.

For others, a dental implant procedure could be helpful. This process includes the initial placement of a dental post within the jaw bone. Your body interacts positively with the titanium in this segment, allowing it to thrive within your natural mouth. The permanent attachment of this foundation can help with additional instances of tooth loss due to age or illness. Emerge triumphant from your extraction with a beautiful new functional prosthodontic solution from Balboa Dental Surgery in Newport Beach, CA.

How A Dental Bridge Can Help You Chew With A Smile

One of the more trusted avenues of dentistry, prosthodontic improvement through the use of a dental bridge can help you to continue to use your mouth to chew. This process includes the placement of a dental crown on each of the teeth on either side of your gap. Your specific smile solution rests upon these two locations, with a prosthetic between them that connects to each tooth.

Dental bidges are useful for individuals with otherwise healthy teeth, so that they can support the prosthetic. If the remaining material is unstable, there may be further damage as a result of too much strain. Discuss whether a dental bridge is your course of action at your examination and consultation.

Aid Bone Retention In Your Jaw With A Dental Implant

A dental implant is a form of prosthodontic replacement that begins with its foundation. A threaded titanium post serves as a connection between your prosthetic and the bone of your jaw. This metal helps to prevent a process known as reabsorption, where your body takes back resources from a damaged area such as a lost tooth or limb.

Your dental implant can be a part of your future, as well. Potential additional instances of loss can hinder the functionality of other replacement methods. With implants, your posts can even be used to mount a full mouth fixed denture!

Beautiful Smile Renewal In Newport Beach, CA

Prosthodontics can help you to smile with confidence and chew with a smile. Call Dr. Hofkes at Balboa Dental Surgery at (949)630-0143 to schedule an appointment for your consultation today. Your extraction is not the end of the story!