confident smiling womanWhen you experience significant physical injury to one of your teeth or a serious case of decay, seeking prompt treatment can prevent your problems from compounding. Left untreated, an injured tooth can eventually require a full extraction or cause an infection of the pulp. To prevent these complications, your Newport Beach, CA dentist can place a durable ceramic crown to preserve the underlying tooth and seal off any cracks in your enamel.

Injuries That Require Dental Crown Placement

By covering the entirety of your tooth above your gumline, dental crowns restore both the appearance and function of your injured structure. Due to their customizable nature, they can match the shape and shade of all manner of teeth. We may place a cap to repair serious cracks or breaks in your enamel, or to even the balance of your bite. This restoration can build up the length of worn down teeth. Because they are made from ceramic, they effortlessly blend in with your natural teeth to enhance the beauty of your smile.

Design And Placement

In the design phase, your dentist will use modern techniques to help take detailed images of your smile for your custom crown’s creation. This ensures that the new prosthetic will fit securely among your other teeth. When we receive your dental cap from our lab, you will return for a second visit for its placement. When applying to an injured tooth, we will attach it with a powerful bonding agent that secures its place for years to come. We may also place a crown in concert with a dental implant or dental bridge to restore a missing tooth. Your dentist will help you determine which restorations are most appropriate for your current condition.

Because ceramic has a proven track record with regards to durability, our material selection allows you to apply the full force of your bite as before your dental injury. This can increase your quality of life through improved enjoyment of meals as well as a more attractive appearance.

Caring For Your Restoration

Practicing rigorous oral hygiene will help preserve the health of the tooth we have attached your crown to. If you have received a dental implant, routine brushing and flossing will also support the health of your jawbone that holds it in place. By sticking to your regular cleaning and examination schedule, your dentist will be able to inspect the status of your restoration and help you protect your oral health.

Speak With Your Newport Beach, CA Dentist About Ceramic Restorations

A ceramic dental crown can provide lifelike restoration to your injured tooth. To find out more about our custom dental restorations,  contact your Newport Beach, CA dentist at Balboa Dental Surgery at (949) 630-0143 to discuss care today.