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As people approach their adult years, they could have up to four new molars erupt in the back of the mouth. These could cause serious trouble for the health, function, and even the appearance of your smile. To help protect your smile, your Newport Beach, CA, dentist’s office talks about removing wisdom teeth with a tooth extraction.

The Possible Complications of Wisdom Teeth

Also known as third molars, these are up to four new teeth that arrive in the rear of the mouth, one at each end of each arch. For some, only one or two could erupt and pose little risk, but for many they could lead to negative changes to your oral health. Since there is little room for them, their arrival could cause dental misalignment, and increases the risk of cavities and gum disease. For others, the strain on your bite balance could lead to the onset of TMJ disorder and bruxism (teeth grinding). The eruption of the wisdom teeth could also cause a painful partial arrival known as impaction, and could increase the isk of damaged teeth and infection. By extracting your wisdom teeth, you avoid these possible complications.

Ensuring Your Procedure is Comfortable

To begin, our team will gather detailed digital x-rays of your smile, so we can identify the position and possible threat of your third molars. We then plan the extraction to avoid any sensitive nerve tissues or sinus cavities. We want to ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the process, so our team will administer a local anesthesia. We also have sedation, and can choose the right calming agent for you based on your age, weight, medical and dental history, and your anxiety levels. Don’t let your dental fears stand between you and a healthier smile!

Removing the Wisdom Teeth

Once you’re comfortable, our team will begin the procedure by opening the gums above the teeth and then gently extracting them with a pair of forceps. We then suture the area closed, and a friend or family member can bring you home. Once at home, you will take any prescribed medications as instructed, and also avoid straws, eat only soft foods, avoid activity, and avoid poking the site with your tongue for at least a day. We then remove the sutures in a follow up visit.

If you have any questions about how our team can comfortably and safely remove your wisdom teeth, then contact our team today.

Talk to Your Newport Beach, CA Dentist About Tooth Extraction

Our team wants to make sure you enjoy healthy and functional smiles. To find out more about addressing your third molars, contact Dr. Hofkes at Balboa Dental Surgery at (949) 630-0143 to discuss care today.