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Learning that you require a tooth extraction can be quite a surprise when you visit your dentist. While most dental procedures seek to secure the health of the teeth in your mouth, sometimes removing one of them is the best option for your overall condition. This means that extracting one of your teeth is usually the last option when we have ruled out more conservative approaches to treating a dental injury. This treatment can extract the remaining roots of a decaying or broken tooth that does not have enough structure to place a dental crown. Removing one of your teeth also allows us to stop the spread of a dangerous tooth infection when root canal therapy is not successful. Because this procedure can lead to receiving a desirable prosthetic restoration, think of removing your tooth as only the first step in returning the health of your smile!

At your Newport Beach, CA dental practice, we remove teeth when no other options are available for treating your problem tooth. Prosthetics such as dental implants and bridges allow you to restore your bite after receiving this procedure. This means not worrying about a distracting appearance or difficulty chewing after removing one of your teeth!

When We Suggest Extracting Your Tooth

The correct approach to dental care prioritizes maintaining as much of your healthy tooth structure as possible. This means that when we discuss removing a problem tooth, we have exhausted options to secure your tooth’s ongoing healthy placement in your mouth. Sometimes removing your tooth is necessary for maintaining the health of your remaining teeth as well. When decay or infection erodes the viability of your tooth, receiving an extraction allows you to plan a restoration and restore a complete smile.

Performing Your Tooth Extraction

At Balboa Dental Surgery, we focus on providing comfort during all dental procedures. By applying a general anesthetic, we prevent pain and discomfort when removing your tooth. Using special tools, we will loosen your tooth by rocking it back and forth to widen the socket until it is free. We then pack the socket to soak any bleeding and prevent infection while you begin your recovery.

Placing A Dental Restoration

After recovering from your extraction, we will discuss your options for restoring your smile with a dental prosthetic. Options such as dental implants and dental bridges are a great way to replace missing teeth and prevent remaining teeth from becoming misaligned. These permanent solutions can return your bite and support your long-term oral health.

Speak With Your Newport Beach, CA, Dentist About Booking A Tooth Extraction

For more information on how we can safely remove your tooth and plan a restoration, contact Dr. Hofkes at Balboa Dental Surgery at (949) 630-0143 to schedule an appointment today.