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Dental surgery offers solutions for a variety of oral health concerns, improving the function, health, and even the beauty of your smile. We know that sometimes these can be complex procedures, and that they can be difficult for those with dental anxiety. Fortunately, your Newport Beach, CA, dentist can help calm our patients with sedation dentistry. We offer these calming solutions to make dental visits a positive experience and comfortable one, even if you have major phobias about visiting the dentist! After all, everyone deserves optimal oral health.

When Smiles Need Sedation

Dental sedation is a means of calming patients and helping them enter a relaxed state. We often use this to help people with dental anxiety. We understand that fears of the dentist are very real, and can be due to lack of experience visiting the dentist or as a result of a bad experience. We want to make sure that people with anxiety can receive the care necessary to enjoy optimal oral health! This is also helpful for kids, those with special needs, or for people undergoing more complex procedures, such as tooth extraction or dental implant placement. Oral surgery can be a source of anxiety for many, even those who don’t normally have a phobia of the dentist. But rest assured, we take steps to ensure your experience will be a positive one, and that your results will offer a stronger, healthier, and more attractive smile.

Choosing Which Option is Right for You

We have three different options of varying strength, and we take several factors into account when we recommend one for someone. We look at your age, weight, medical history, and your dental history too. We also take your anxiety levels and other factors into account too. The complexity of the procedure is taken into account as well. The more extensive your treatment, the deeper the sedation level we will provide. After all, typically we need different levels between procedures like crown placement or the placement of dental implants.

Three Possible Selections

For minor procedures, we could offer nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. This is administered through a mask over your nose. You inhale a gas and enter a calm state. You will remain conscious and able to respond to the dentist, but may have little memory of the treatment at all afterward. We can adjust levels throughout the procedure and once your treatment ends, the sedation wears off right away. Some people even drive themselves home or return to work or school!

Oral sedation provides a stronger form of calming, and is given in pill or liquid form prior to the procedure. You may need to avoid food and drink for a few hours prior to treatment. The effects are deeper and take longer to wear off, so have a friend or family member on hand to bring you home afterward! You will still be somewhat conscious and able to respond as needed, but will have little to no memory of the procedure afterward.

IV is the deepest form and is often used for people with very strong fears of the dentist, or those undergoing oral surgery. Administered directly into the bloodstream via an IV, this means you will have no memory of the procedure at all. We will have a trained anesthesiologist on hand to monitor you throughout the procedure as well. Again, the effects take time to wear off completely, so have a friend or family member ready to take you home.

If you have any questions about how we offer a calming option with dental sedation, or if you would like to schedule a visit with our team, then contact our team today to learn more. We want you to enjoy optimal oral health and a smile that inspires confidence, so be sure to visit our team soon.

Talk To Your Newport Beach, CA Dentist About Dental Sedation

We want to ensure that you enjoy a positive experience at our office and are ready to see us again in the future, so you and your family can enjoy optimal oral health for years to come. To find out more about our calming options or about any of our other treatment options, or schedule a visit, please contact your Newport Beach, CA dentist’s office at (949) 630-0143. Summer is a great time for families to undergo any treatments necessary to improve their smiles, as kids and teens don’t have to miss school. So don’t delay, talk to our team today about our treatment options!