dental bridgeMissing a tooth can hurt your confidence; from a young age, we are taught that maintaining a full smile is the zenith of oral health. While, doing everything you can to keep your smile healthy is crucial, sometimes losing a tooth to extraction is the best option medically. Regardless of the reason for missing a tooth, it is important to fill in the space. In today’s blog your Newport Beach, CA, dentist discusses how dental bridges can help you complete your smile once again.

What Is A Dental Bridge?

It is a prosthetic tooth that fits into the gap between existing teeth. It is supported by the teeth adjacent to this space. The existing teeth, which are known as abutments, are typically fitted with crowns to support the dental bridge, which helps promote durability, longevity, and structural support.

The prosthetic itself is made from high-quality, biocompatible material, and it is virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth. Your dentist or dentist color-matches it to ensure a realistic look. Another benefit is that it can fully withstand your full bite pressure due to the support from crowns on the abutment teeth. These prosthetics are usually recommended when there is either a single tooth missing or there are a few next to one another. 

There Are Numerous Benefits

A dental bridge provides aesthetic benefits, but it also has more functional ones as well. For instance, it can improve your chewing — you will regain a more natural feeling while eating, and a pontic can also prevent food particles from collecting in an empty socket. If it is not filled this space can lead to an excessive buildup of bacteria. In the case of multiple missing teeth in a row, you might notice issues with talking. A full, natural set of teeth shapes how you speak, so a lack of them can negatively impact your oratory capabilities. A prosthetic mitigates this issue.

Moreover, once you lose a tooth, your jawbone begins to deteriorate, so adding in a prosthetic can help maintain the structural integrity of not only your jaw but also your entire face. Finally, having a pontic put in can help prevent your other teeth from shifting out of alignment. Yes, teeth are mostly supported by roots in your gums, they are also supported by other teeth. 

Implant Bridges 

In some situations, your dentist or dentist may suggest an implant-supported bridge. In this case, the prosthetic is placed all the way into the root of the missing tooth. Going this route can provide increased comfort and stability, more support, improved long-term health, and it even reduces the risk of losing more teeth in the future. 

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