Recession Newport Beach CAGum recession happens for a variety of reasons, and is seen very frequently in patients in the United States. We have solutions, but people are often hesitant to get grafts. 

Grafts are a highly successful operation and shouldn’t worry anyone. Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist explains how gum grafts may be helpful to you.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Gums

Gum recession is incredibly common, yet comes with shame for some. People try to hide their gums with a different manner of speaking or a change to their smile.

But the underlying issue is the infection of the tissue of the gums. Without the help of a trained oral health professional, this will not improve significantly. So it’s important to take this seriously, but recognize that help is available.

In addition, patients often are not armed with all the information available on treatment possibilities. Though some might get nervous, grafts are common procedures to dentists and oral surgeons. This procedure involves implanting tissue from a healthy section of the mouth, replacing infected gum tissue.

Gingival Grafts Are The Most Common Solution

Free gingival grafts are very commonly performed procedures to replace missing or infected gum tissue. The goal of this grafting operation is to ensure that the root of the tooth is covered by healthy gum tissue. Gingival grafts are safe and predictable, with a very low risk of complication.

Initially, the dentist will detach any infected tissue from the tooth, while cleaning the area, especially the pocket between tooth and gum. Infected tissue is removed, limiting further bacterial growth. After this, the dentist stretches the remaining gum tissue back to a healthy level. 

This simple procedure takes around 45 minutes on average, using local anesthesia. A soft diet is required for around a week, your dentist will give you a guideline. Recovery is usually brief and pain-free.

Soft Tissue Grafting May Be Necessary

In situations where the infected area is too large for gingival grafting, a periodontist might choose a soft tissue graft. This procedure removes a piece of tissue from a healthy area, and donating that material to the gum. 

Usually, the donor material is taken from the roof of the mouth, but it can also come from other similar areas. These two pieces of material fuse together after, creating new healthy gum tissue.

As is the goal of any gum graft, dentists want to ensure that the tooth’s root is covered in healthy flesh, as the root is a highly vulnerable area. An adhesive bandage is then applied to the donor site. And as with a gingival graft, a week-long soft diet is usually sufficient for recovery.

Could You Use A Gum Refresh?

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