Happy NPBCAWe don’t think about it often, but our mouth is an incredibly vulnerable place. Our bodies are constantly fighting off infection from exposure to the air. And since we are constantly using our mouths for talking or eating, that exposure exists throughout the day, and into when you sleep.

The food we eat itself is full of damaging materials too, with its own set of bacteria. And the sugars we consume leave remnants on our teeth, leading to bacterial growth and later tooth decay. This can also lead to periodontal disease, or the infection of the gum tissue.

Our gums provide a very strong barrier of support for your mouth, covering the roots of the teeth and limiting the contact between our circulatory system and the outside world. So today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist stresses the need to maintain a healthy gumline. And if you have noticed recession, what you tell your oral health provider at your next visit to the office!

Keep Them Healthy!

Preventive care is always best in most dental situations, and your gums are no exception. If your gums are currently healthy, be certain to keep them that way through your routine oral health home care. This includes twice-daily brushing, and to brush before you sleep every night. Late-night snacks can leave dangerous remnants there until the morning!

Flossing is also very important in maintaining healthy gums. If you are noticing pain or blood when flossing, it might be a sign of gingivitis, or the initial infection of periodontal tissue. If you can halt the bacterial progress here, it can save time and money later on down the road. And an oral rinse of your choosing is a great way to further clear the mouth of bad microbial action.

My Gumline Is Changing

Periodontal disease is found in over 47% of Americans over the age of 30. So if you are noticing a shift in your gumline, don’t be ashamed and try to cover it up. Often patients will alter the way they speak or smile, so they can ignore the problem. This is unhelpful in the long run, and you don’t have to live like that!

Free gingival grafts are a fantastic way to restore a receding gumline, in a speedy way! With this procedure, your dentist first removes the damaged tissue to ensure that no reinfection can occur. Then the periodontal tissue is stretched up to the level of a healthy gumline. After about a week, this will have taken hold and you can resume full activity.

If you need more biological material than is available at the location, a donor site will be identified. Tissue from that area will be removed and implanted where required. The recovery time is similar for this as with a free gingival graft!

Could This Help Me?

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