Mustache NPBCATooth sensitivity is a very common condition, and can also be caused by a few different factors. It is important to note the times when you have an event in order to see if you can isolate a cause. It is cold that is giving you issues? Sugar? Or are you experiencing this over a broader aread of the mouth for a longer time?

Knowing your symptoms can do a lot in helping remedy dentin sensitivity. Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist tries to help you keep track of your condition!

Identify Possible Causes

A solution can only be found if you proactively identify the problem, so if at all possible, arm yourself with knowledge. With oral health, this can be especially tricky. We consume many things over the course of a day, let alone weeks or months.

Around 40 million Americans currently experience some form of tooth sensitivity. This comes out to over 10% of our population. So if you were feeling uneasy about speaking with your dentist, know that this is very common and nothing to be squeamish about.

But it is important to document the times when you experience pain or discomfort from your mouth. Did it occur when you ate something cold? Something hot? Do certain textures make you uneasy or scared to eat?

Whatever the case may be, please write these situations down and give them to your dentist. The more accurate a depiction we have of symptoms can be a huge help in determining treatment.  The rate of pain also helps a dentist to know the urgency and possible cause, as well.

Note Changes

Certain things tend to hurt consistently, and others will give you a sudden sharp pain from time to time. Knowing these tell-tale signs are incredibly beneficial in diagnosis.

Is the pain located in one tooth, in a group of them, or in the mouth as a whole? This also can be a sign of different diagnoses. For instance, in individual tooth pain, it may be helpful to look for a crack or chip in the tooth. If there is an infection within the structure, the resulting pressure may be causing you pain. Or resulting inflammation and redness can lead to discomfort.

Don’t Put It Off

At any rate, if you are experiencing any pain that is not allowing you to live your daily life, it is time to see an oral health care professional.

If, at any point, you believe your situation to be life-threatening, always see an emergency room. This is especially true in any case where you will not stop bleeding. If it isn’t an emergency issue, be sure to document these issues as they occur. Real-time documentation does wonders when it comes time to pinpoint a cause.

Get An Examination Today!

If you want to know how we can identify the cause of your tooth sensitivity, or to schedule an appointment, please give Dr. Hofkes at Balboa Dental Surgery a call at (949)630-0143. Or stop by our office here in Newport Beach, CA!