Implant NPBCAThe process known as osseonintegration is fascinating, and it is a field that has many uses. This action involves your bone matter fusing and growing with titanium, as if the metal were your own biological material. Doctors use this for the advancement of prosthetics, and its use in limbs has truly furthered our abilities in replacement.

It also has allowed for sturdy, stable posts for dental implants. The titanium grows alongside the jaw, forming a solid base to connect to a functioning prosthetic tooth. The first of its kind was performed in 1965, and 40 years later when the patient passed, was still operating well!

Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist explains how this discovery has made the development of new dental procedures possible. And how you might take advantage of new insight in planning and crafting your dream smile!

Truly Incredible!

In osseointegration, the biological tissue grows directly into the placed material, without any form of scar tissue at all. Titanium is the best material we have for this, and it connects amazingly well with our bodies. As you might imagine, this has allowed for huge steps in the creation of artificial limbs.

Not only that, but this provides a great foundation for joint replacement surgeries. Hips, elbows, these areas can all be helped by fusing our tissue with a metal substitute.

The work of P. Branemark in the late 1970s gives us our current concept of a full prosthetic tooth, and this process was the key in its success. Not only is the chance for rejection dramatically lower, but the body actually begins to view the titanium as being a part of itself.

It protects the site as it would your natural jaw, and using our own immune system for oral health maintenance can be a huge benefit. This can limit the amount of trauma that you experience, as any surgery is bound to give you some level of physical stress. And it also allows for your immune system to welcome the implant in a way where we are not supressing our own protection from bacterial infection.

Creative Uses

This advent has led to the development of some truly amazing concepts within oral health. Obviously, the creation of the single-tooth implant was huge for people, and it continues to be a great source of healing for many. But the more creative of those in the dental industry have invented many new, innovative ways to incorporate osseointegration.

A very helpful advance has been in the realm of dentures, where implant posts are now being used to connect the prosthetic apparatus to the face. No longer necessary are glues and tapes to bond your denture to our jaws! Rather, a set number of implant locations are identified, usually four for each the upper and lower jaw.

This can also help you to avoid the change in appearance that may come with dentures. By the wonder of osseointegration, your body is helped in keeping your profile the same, rather than harmed!

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