Towel NPBCANo matter how precise and strict we may be in our home oral health regimen, certain aspects of our lives are simply out of our control. We are constantly using our mouths to speak and to chew, and occasionally, these things may cause serious damage such as a chipped or cracked tooth. It can be a truly awful feeling to bite into one of your favorite foods, only to have it pay you back with harm to your enamel. Some breaks may occur due to physical trauma from a fall or an accident, as well.

If you find yourself in this situation, it is best to not let the area continue without seeing a healthcare provider. If the break is significant, follow emergency guidelines to ensure that you are in the best possible position for repair. Even if the chip seems like it is tiny, it can lead to additional wear and possibly a serious infection. When you schedule a consultation with Balboa Dental Surgery in Newport Beach, CA, you may prevent further harm that could put your smile at major risk!

When Breaks Happen

The moment you find that you have cracked or chipped a tooth, everything seems to go immediately quiet. Soon, a burst of worry and anxiety comes, which can cloud the mind and make restoration more difficult. Stay as calm as possible during this situation so that you can gather any pieces of tooth available and do not exacerbate things. This can be incredibly difficult, but it can make all the difference in an emergency!

Even if the damage does not feel significant to start, a small chip can grow into a bigger concern. Our enamel protects the more porous tissue underneath. Without its shield, infection is more likely to take hold in the tooth and require either a root canal surgery or even an extraction!

Your Custom Enamel Repair

Depending on the location and the severity of the damage to your teeth, different restoration solutions may be helpful. For small chips that are primarily cosmetic, dental bonding is a resin that can build small amounts of enamel. However, if the harm is more extensive, an oral surgery may be necessary.

One of the most common of these solutions is in a dental crown. This is a sturdy ceramic or composite cap that rests on top of your remaining material. It can help you save the matter below the gumline, and if addressed correctly it may limit the need for a root canal!

Strengthening Smiles In Newport Beach, CA

Take care of your crack or break in your enamel soon to prevent further damage. Call Dr. Hofkes at Balboa Dental Surgery at (949)630-0143 to schedule an appointment at our Newport Beach, CA office today to find a great solution. We can direct you to a helpful way to restore confidence in your smile!