Woman with healthy smile tooth extraction conceptYou can have an understandably tough time moving forward with a tooth extraction. After all, this is a procedure that leaves you without your full smile, and it is one that can sound uncomfortable. What you should know is that while a problem that demands tooth extraction is something to worry over, the procedure itself will benefit your well-being in important ways. One reason for this is that you can stop a spreading infection before it extends beyond the tooth itself. Another is that this removal can mark both the end of active discomfort and the start of plans to completely restore your oral health. After successfully extracting your tooth, your Newport Beach, CA dentist can make arrangements to replace it with a custom prosthetic that offers visual and health benefits!

Why Tooth Extraction Is Sometimes Recommended

Extraction is the option available when there is no longer a way to save a tooth in poor health. This can be the case after a serious physical injury, but it is also possible for a cavity to grow serious enough to make this kind of service necessary. Our practice will only recommend this when there is not a way to preserve your complete smile. While it can be less than welcome news to learn that your tooth cannot be saved, an extraction is an important step in part of a larger plan to completely restore your oral health when a more serious problem occurs.

Planning The Removal And Replacement Of Your Problem Tooth

Whether the reason is advanced gum disease, severe decay, or a worrying tooth injury, we can see to it that your tooth is properly extracted to prevent any further issues. Based on what state it is in and how easy it is to access, we can discuss the types of extractions available, including a procedure that depends on careful oral surgery to access and remove the tooth. Once this work is done, we can discuss your options for restoring your complete smile. These options include the placement and restoration of a dental implant to offer lasting functional support and welcome security for your prosthetic and bite function.

Why Wisdom Teeth Are Often Extracted

Wisdom teeth are often extracted, but this service responds to something different than the extraction of other teeth. One difference is that wisdom teeth are not replaced. The reason for their removal has to do with space, or the lack thereof. Simply put, people often have no room for their third molars, which is why they are removed even before they fully erupt. After that removal takes place, we will treat the spaces and provide guidance to help you enjoy a proper recovery.

Talk To Your Newport Beach, CA Dentist About Booking A Tooth Extraction

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