Older man in white hatIt is quite normal to have concerns when your dentist recommends extracting one of your natural teeth. After all, you have a limited number and they will not regrow after removal. You may wonder if the procedure causes discomfort or if the recovery is taxing. While these questions are valid, you should know that pulling your tooth can be greatly beneficial in treating severe decay or infections that threaten more than the individual structure. Think of an extraction as simply the first step in treating your pain and beginning plans to restore your oral health. After we perform your removal, your Newport Beach, CA dentist can schedule a visit to create and place an implant or other prosthetic. This means you need not worry about permanent gaps in your smile or the ability to enjoy your meals after removing an injured tooth.

Reasons For Your Tooth Extraction

Removing one of your teeth is generally the last option we consider when there are no other ways to save a tooth after injury. Certain physical traumas remove so much structure that a tooth cannot support a dental crown for instance. When a root canal therapy fails to fully remove an infection, full removal may be required. This procedure also addresses teeth that become severely loose due to advanced gum disease. Although it is disappointing to learn the tooth cannot remain, extraction allows us to restore your total oral health, treat pain, and prevent more serious complications.

Performing Your Removal And Planning Its Restoration

When you experience a tooth injury, remember to visit your dentist to discuss solutions in a timely manner. While early treatment can sometimes provide a more conservative solution, full removal can help treat advanced problems of severe decay, gum disease, or physical trauma. After evaluating your injury and determining an extraction is needed, we will detail how we perform your oral surgery. After accessing and removing your tooth, we will discuss ways to return your full smile. A custom prosthetic, such as a dental implant, can return your ability to bite while providing the appearance of a complete set of teeth!

Dental Implants Restore Oral Health After Removal

When we pull your tooth, we also remove the roots that hold it in place in your jawbone. When healthy, this root sends necessary stimulation to the bone to help maintain its density, but removal negates this important signal. By placing a dental implant, we insert a post directly into your bone that supports a restoration above your gumline. When a crown attaches to the post, your bite transfers force through into your jaw and returns the missing stimulation.

Speak With Your Newport Beach, CA Dentist About Booking A Tooth Extraction

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