Smiling man at laptopIf you have recently lost one of your teeth, you know how frustrating its effect can be on your daily life. A gap in your smile can reduce your enthusiasm to interact socially due to feelings of embarrassment. Normal tasks such as speaking and chewing may cause significant discomfort. But did you know that not treating dental loss can impact the health of your remaining teeth as well? To address your existing annoyance and prevent further harm, explore your options for restoring your teeth!

At your Newport Beach, CA dentist’s office,  we place prosthetics that return the appearance of your smile while enhancing your bite after tooth loss. The use of dental bridges and implants provide the ability to address a variety of circumstances.

The Impact Of Losing Your Tooth

Because each one of your teeth works in concert with one another to provide your bite, losing a single tooth disrupts its proper function. The remaining teeth that once stood secure in place begin to drift into the new gap in your smile. As your jaw shifts awkwardly to bite around the missing area, certain teeth take additional force that wears at their enamel. As their surface erodes, the loss of this protective layer increases your risk for tooth decay and gum disease. You may even develop strains in the muscles of your face and jaw. By proactively seeking prosthetic restoration after losing your tooth, you can stop many of these symptoms before they occur or become worse.

Placing A Dental Bridge

A dental bridge can fill in the gap of your missing tooth when neighboring teeth can support dental crowns. By placing a crown on each side of the gap, your dentist can secure a prosthetic in between that prevents dental drift and returns the full appearance of your smile. A bridge is a great option for restoring multiple teeth that are missing in a row.

Dental Implants Provide Permanent Support

A dental implant can provide unique support for your jawbone unavailable with other prosthetics. By placing a titanium post directly into the bone, an abutment at the post’s end allows for the connection of restoration above your gumline. Working together, your restoration can transfer the force of your bite through the implant post into your jaw. This stimulates the jaw to let the brain know that the bone is in use. Without this signal, the bone otherwise loses density after losing one of your teeth.

Talk To Your Newport Beach, CA Dentist About Replacing Your Missing Tooth

Modern solutions treat complications from losing one of your teeth and can help prevent damage to remaining teeth. To find out more about treating your loss with lifelike and durable prosthetics and to start your journey to a complete smile, contact your Newport Beach, CA dentist’s office at (949) 630-0143 to discuss care today.