Grey hair man smiling outdoorsYou can understandably feel frustration when your dentist recommends removing one of your teeth. Because this treatment leaves you without a complete smile or may sound uncomfortable, you should know that this procedure will lead you to significant health benefits. Tooth extractions can play an important role in stopping infections from extending beyond your mouth. A removal can stop the source of consistent pain and allow you to plan a restoration that completes your smile’s appearance. After we extract your tooth, your Newport Beach, CA dentist can plan a visit to place a prosthetic that returns your bite. A dental implant can allow you to resume enjoying your meals and present a full set of teeth!

Why Your Dentist Recommends Removing A Tooth

Extracting your tooth presents the last option when there is no other way to preserve a tooth after injury or infection. This can occur when you experience a significant physical injury that leaves you without enough healthy material to support a dental crown. If you allow a cavity to grow in scope without treatment, it can also decay your tooth’s surface beyond saving. When root canal therapy fails to completely remove a bacterial infection, extraction can relieve your pain. While it may sound unpleasant to remove your damaged structure, know that this procedure is the first step in the comprehensive restoration of your oral health.

Scheduling The Removal And Replacement Of Your Injured Tooth

Whether you experience physical injury, serious decay, or advanced gum disease, we can perform an extraction to prevent further complications. Modern oral surgery techniques provide the ability to remove your problem tooth with anesthetics that prevent feeling pain. When the tooth is pulled, we will treat the socket to stem any bleeding and allow you to properly heal over the coming weeks. We can then discuss methods to return your full bite and restore the appearance of your teeth. By placing a dental prosthetic, such as a dental implant, removing a tooth need not leave you with an incomplete grin!

The Benefits Of A Dental Implant

If you decide to replace your tooth with a dental implant, you can enjoy additional oral health benefits beyond its cosmetic improvement of your smile. A dental implant provides important stimulation to your jawbone that is lost when we pull your tooth. By transferring the force of your bite into the bone, your body receives a signal to maintain your jaw’s density. When you lose a tooth, you lose this signal from your tooth’s roots and risk the shrinking of your jaw. Therefore, a dental implant maintains your jaw health while returning your bite and a beautiful smile!

Speak With Your Newport Beach, CA Dentist About Booking A Tooth Extraction

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