Woman sitting outdoors smilingWhen it comes to preserving a healthy smile, your gums play an integral role in your overall oral health. While you may think primarily of your teeth themselves when performing smile care, any problem that threatens the health of your gums can destabilize your grin. If you allow a case of infection to advance or brush your teeth too vigorously, you can cause the gum tissues to recede and expose your roots. The lengthened look of your teeth and uneven gumline can contribute to an advanced appearance than before. Because recession exposes once-covered sensitive tissues, you can experience pain and risk further harm from oral bacteria.

At your Newport Beach, CA dental practice, we can examine your gumline and discuss procedures to restore its original length. A gum grafting oral surgery can address your esthetic concerns and return the protection of robust gum coverage. Visit our office at your convenience to learn more about this solution for your gingival recession!

Are Receding Gums Causing Concerns With Your Smile?

When your gums begin to retreat from their original line, it can have quite an effect on your appearance. This development reduces the esthetic quality of your smile by revealing tooth roots and leaving an uneven lineup. As the asymmetries in your smile build, you may find that your oral health is just as affected as your appearance. Because the recession of your gums exposes parts that are meant to be covered, you become more susceptible to infection and decay.

Receiving Oral Surgery To Correct Your Gumline and Treat Sensitivity

We could perform a gum graft procedure to return the tissue to areas where you experience recession. By taking tissue from a donor area, we redistribute healthy material more evenly throughout your mouth to support areas where it has been lost. After receiving your tissue graft and correcting your gumline, your oral health benefits from the original coverage of exposed areas of your mouth. This helps prevent the development of disease and tooth decay while returning a more attractive smile.

Additional Services To Help Improve The Quality Of Your Smile

In addition to lengthening your gums, we provide cosmetic services that address all manner of imperfections in your smile. We can help you remove stains and blemishes that affect the color of your teeth. A professional bleaching solution can treat stains within your enamel beyond the capabilities of a store-bought treatment. For patients with multiple cosmetic issues, we could place porcelain veneers to cover their teeth and return a beautiful smile!

Speak With Your Newport Beach, CA Dentist About Receiving Gum Grafting Treatment

If you would like to schedule a visit to learn more about gum grafting, contact Dr. Hofkes at Balboa Dental Surgery at (949) 630-0143 for more information.