Man with nice smile gum grafting conceptThere are different reasons why people start to lose confidence in their smile. Many people who have gone through this will point to issues with the teeth themselves, but you may need to do something about problems with your gums. Poor periodontal health, aggressive brushing, and other factors can cause gum tissues to recede. In addition to making the tissues uneven, recession exposes your roots, making teeth look longer than they should. That exposure of root areas can lead to oral health as well as esthetic problems, as these areas are more sensitive and have less natural protection against oral bacteria. Fortunately, a gum graft performed at our Newport Beach, CA practice can improve on how you look and address these health-related concerns.

Is Gum Recession Making You Concerned About Your Smile?

When your gums recede, you can start to grow embarrassed by your appearance. This change can make teeth look less attractive by exposing portions of them that are meant to be covered by periodontal tissues. Your trouble will also lead to asymmetries as well as problems with tissues that look unnatural and uneven. Unfortunately, this is not merely a cosmetic matter. When it occurs, recession exposes portions of the tooth structure that have less protection and more sensitivity issues.

Using A Gum Graft To Improve Your Appearance And Address Discomfort

A gum graft is a procedure that restores areas where your periodontal tissues have started to recede. After selecting the appropriate area from which to take tissues, your dentist will remove this material and carefully apply it to the area in need of more support. After grafting the tissues and covering the recessed area, you can enjoy protection against sensitivity and oral health issues, have an easier time preventing gum disease, and feel more attractive when you smile and speak. We also provide grafting services for jawbone recession, an issue that affects patients who have experienced tooth loss.

More Services That Help You Show Off A More Confident And Attractive Smile

Through different cosmetic dental services, we can help you make your smile significantly more attractive. These services help with concerns over discoloration from enamel stains as well as from intrinsic concerns. For external stains, we can provide teeth whitening agents that are more potent than what you find available on grocery store and pharmacy shelves. Intrinsic discoloration can be addressed with custom porcelain veneers. Veneers are thin shells that minimize changes to tooth structure by only covering their front surfaces. These restorations and ceramic crowns also help restore teeth that appear damaged or misshapen.

Talk To Your Newport Beach, CA Dentist About Gum Grafting Treatment

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