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Eat For Your Teeth


Everyone knows that sugar can harm your teeth. The consumption of sugar is well-known to lead to tooth decay, periodontal disease, and other oral health problems. But beyond those, your diet impacts your smile on a daily basis. From the remnants of food left in the mouth over the course of a day to your… Read more »

Is Flossing That Important?

Every time you see an oral health professional, you are surely reminded to keep to a strict oral health regimen. This certainly includes twice-daily brushing and an oral rinse. But also comes the one that patients dread the most: flossing. Maybe it’s the time, or any pain with flossing gums that have not been cared… Read more »

It’s Time For A Cleaning!


Summer is a time for great activity, spending as much time together as possible. With the new leaves and warmer weather, we also use the time to get our houses and cars in order. We also start thinking about our beach bodies, getting ready to come out of our winter hibernation. But how many of… Read more »

Diet Plays A Huge Role In Oral Health

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We learn from a very young age to avoid sugar in order to keep our teeth healthy. But maintaining a healthy smile is about more than simply cutting out candy. Some of the more innocent of foods can spur tooth decay, as well. Your dietary decisions can also pose lasting issues with your oral health… Read more »

Heart And Mouth, Interconnected

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Many people view their dental health as primarily cosmetic. If they are able to hide a problem, then maybe it doesn’t matter. They do this with a different smile or a different manner of speech. And some others think that the health of the mouth is localized. They think that oral health only affects the… Read more »

Special Care For Pregnant Gums

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Gums can be stressful to handle enough on their own. But with the added stress of a pregnancy, periodontal care is especially important. Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your fifth, your body’s changes can leave your oral immune system vulnerable. Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist discusses increased risks during pregnancy. What Is Periodontal… Read more »

How Diet Impacts Oral Health

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Taking good care of your smile is an essential component of maintaining your overall health. As you know, your diet affects your body and its ability to function at its peak. A well-balanced diet contributes to feeling great and helps you have enough energy to accomplish everything you set your mind to. Moreover, eating well… Read more »

Be Wary Of Energy Drinks

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We’ve all had those days where every single task and to-do feels like a total slog to complete. Sometimes even the act of checking an email feels insurmountable. In moments like these, it is tempting to reach for your favorite caffeinated drink in a can to give you that much-needed oomph. Unfortunately, energy drinks can… Read more »

Why Your Preventive Routine Matters

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Taking care of your smile is a lifelong endeavor. Indeed, from the moment you are born, oral bacteria and other health concerns threaten the quality of your grin in a variety of ways, including through the onset of infections and diseases. Because of this, it is important we take care to protect our grins in… Read more »

Why Schedule An Oral Cancer Screening?

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Attending your routine checkups and cleanings is a necessary part of your overall preventive dental routine. Not only do they help our team identify points of concern such as incorrect wisdom tooth development or rapid tooth decay, but they help keep your smile healthy and strong. Still, however, it is important to consider that your… Read more »