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When You Need A Night Guard

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Persistent teeth grinding — also known as bruxism — affects millions of people. The exact number is hard to pin down because it often happens when individuals are asleep and many are not aware of their condition until damage has already occurred. Even though many are doing it unconsciously, they feel the effects in their… Read more »

A Night Guard Can Help Teeth Grinding

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Grinding your teeth while you sleep is a serious issue. Though you may not be aware of it as it is occurring, the damage incurred is serious. If you do happen to suffer from this disorder, you likely experience jaw soreness and notice changes to your teeth. Many individuals dealing with this issue notices chipped… Read more »

How You Can Benefit From A Night Guard

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If you are prone to grinding your teeth while you sleep, you can cause substantial damage to your mouth. Not only can it hurt your teeth, but it can also detrimentally affect your jaw. It is difficult to treat the root causes of this condition — also known as bruxism — because it is frequently… Read more »