Veneers And Bulimic Recovery

Bulimia Newport Beach CAOnce a hush subject, the discussion of eating disorders has grown immensely over the past two decades. But still, too often the education focuses on the health problems that bulimia or anorexia nervosa cause. When someone is on the road to eating disorder recovery, hope of a healthy existence can help significantly. 

Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist writes on how porcelain veneers can help a bulimic or anorexic patient regain some confidence in their smile. Not only that, but overhaul their oral health, as well! (more…)

Broken Tooth? What To Do

Broken Teeth Newport Beach CAWhen you break a tooth, there is a moment when your mind goes blank, trying to understand what has just happened. Then, as you realize the severity of what has occurred, panic sets in.

But now is not the time to act irrationally. Preparing for this situation can save you time and money, so it is best to be ready in the event.

Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist discusses the first steps to take if you have broken a tooth due to physical trauma. (more…)

Do You Need A Night Guard?

Mouthguard Newport Beach CAMany people chew or clench their jaw when they sleep to some extent. But at what point does it become a medical issue? Bruxism, the persistent grinding of teeth, can cause serious medical concerns if left untreated. Beyond cosmetic issues, this can cause jaw alignment problems that can even require surgery to correct. Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist discusses night guards and whether you might need one.

Solutions For Receding Gums

Gum Grant Newport Beach CAVery commonly seen in the dental industry, gum recession can happen for a variety of reasons. This is often highly embarrassing for people, and patients often delay care, imagining it to improve on its own.

This is not just an unsightly condition, but it can be dangerous to the teeth and even the bone in the jaw. Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist explains some of the ways we can help this problem.

Oral Health And Diabetes

Diabetes Newport Beach

Millions of Americans live with autoimmune disorders, and the most prevalent is diabetes. In fact, 29 million have either Type I or Type II of the condition. Diabetes affects nearly every aspect of these people’s health, in ways that may not be apparent on the surface.

Damage to the eyes and the extremities are very common in diabetic patients, as it damages the capillaries. Capillaries are the smallest form of blood vessels in the body, and are very fragile. When the blood can’t reach these areas, the body cannot defend against infection and heals at a significantly slower rate.

If you have diabetes, you need to take special precautions in maintaining your oral health. In today’s blog, your Newport Beach, CA dentist, discusses how this condition can affect your smile.

When Your Wisdom Teeth Need To Go

wisdom teethYou surely know many people who have gotten their wisdom teeth removed; everyone enjoys recounting their experiences and sharing their stories. Fortunately, if you need to have yours extracted, you can find comfort and tips from those who have already gone through it. However, it is still important to gain insights from a professional who knows the ins and outs of the procedure. Knowledge is power, and if you need to undergo this procedure, you are well-served to understand what to expect from the medical side and what you’ve learned from friends and family. In today’s blog, your Newport Beach, CA oral surgeon talks about wisdom teeth extraction and the situations in which you need to have them removed. (more…)

Tooth Extraction Yields Major Results

tooth extractionSometimes, tooth extraction is the best option for your overall oral health. Of course, no one wants to be down a tooth — especially several — but it can be truly beneficial. Whether you are having issues with your wisdom teeth or another tooth is suffering from decay, removal can be the best course of action. With modern technology and advances in implant options, the procedure is now simpler and less intrusive than ever before. In today’s blog, your Newport Beach, CA, dentist discusses the times when an extraction is the right option for maintaining the healthiest possible smile. (more…)

How Diet Impacts Oral Health

well-balanced mealTaking good care of your smile is an essential component of maintaining your overall health. As you know, your diet affects your body and its ability to function at its peak. A well-balanced diet contributes to feeling great and helps you have enough energy to accomplish everything you set your mind to. Moreover, eating well also directly impacts the health of your mouth. In today’s blog, your Newport Beach, CA dentist discusses how your diet affects your oral health.  (more…)

Teeth Grinding Can Damage Jaw Joints

bruxismTeeth grinding is a common ailment for many. It frequently occurs while they are sleeping, which makes it difficult to identify. Many people do not know they are even doing it until they start to notice damage to their teeth. While there can be several factors that cause grinding — also known as bruxism — environmental ones are particularly common. Stress and anxiety are often linked to nocturnal bruxism. Moreover, recent studies have been looking into the ways that grinding can cause TMJ disorder, which is the misalignment of jaw joints. In today’s blog your Newport Beach, CA dentist discusses the ways that bruxism and TMJ disorder are linked. (more…)